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A Review of UPMC Health Plan (7 Pros of This Group Health Insurance)

UPMC Health Plan

Western Pennsylvania has exceptional options when it comes to medical care. From state-of-the-art facilities to world-renowned doctors, most Pennsylvanians have access to excellent health care.

And we all know that great medical care comes with a cost! 

So, as an employer, who do you trust with your group health insurance? Which insurance company will best meet the needs of both your business and your employees?

Having been in employee benefits for more than 26 years, I have worked with local and national group health insurance carriers. 

This article lists the pros of using UPMC Health Plan for your business’s group health insurance. Many of my clients get their group health coverage from this outstanding locally-owned insurance provider. 

What does UPMC Health Plan bring to the table? 


About UPMC

UPMC is a top-rated local group and individual health insurance provider. This provider maintains an A- (excellent) rating with A.M. Best, the world’s oldest and most authoritative insurance rating source.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UPMC is an integrated health care system. This means they have both a group health insurance company and also a network of hospitals and doctors.

In terms of facilities, UPMC is world-renowned. Hospitals like UPMC Shadyside and UPMC Children’s Hospital rank among the best in the nation. 


Pros of UPMC Group Health Insurance

#1 UPMC is less expensive than other options for small groups and individuals.

In terms of value to small employees and individuals, UPMC is unparalleled in providing affordable health insurance to these demographics.

UPMC group health insurance has many options aimed at making group health insurance affordable for small businesses. 

A small employer can choose a group health plan that only utilizes the UPMC network of doctors and facilities. This type of plan will cost less than plans offered by Highmark or other national providers.


#2 UPMC group health insurance is locally focused.

UPMC is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Its commitment to Southwestern Pa has provided more than 90,000 jobs for people in this area. 

It is especially notable that UPMC bases its customer service locally. If you are insured by UPMC and have an issue, you will be connected with someone local, someone working in the Pittsburgh area, when you call their hotline. 

In an era when so many businesses outsource this service, UPMC has been committed to keeping its service centers local.

UPMC also makes significant financial contributions to the local community. Known for its charitable giving, UPMC provided $1.7 million in community benefits in 2020. 


#3 UPMC has excellent customer service, claims processing, and online services.

UPMC gets excellent reviews when it comes to customer service, claims processing, and online services.

UPMC provides health insurance for more than 4 million members. That being said, only 24 complaints have been registered with the Better Business Bureau, and those complaints were addressed. 

Overall, UPMC policyholders are pleased with the services they receive from UPMC. 

UPMC offers a variety of services through its online portal. Members can find wellness articles, online bill paying, and a 24/7 nurse line on their website. UPMC also offers a cell phone app for their policyholders.

UPMC is known for processing claims in a very time-efficient manner. 


#4 UPMC has world-renowned doctors, facilities, and specialties.

While the UPMC network is not nationwide, its local facilities are ranked nationally. 

UPMC hospitals are known nationally for their excellence in complex medical procedures. As the first hospital to transplant an organ, UPMC is a leader in transplant procedures.

UPMC also has many hospitals and units that specialize in particular medical needs, including:



#5 UPMC offers an extensive pharmacy network.

UPMC has a large local network of pharmacies available to its members. Its pharmacy network is very large and includes pharmacies in its facilities, chain pharmacy like Riteaid, and small local pharmacies.


#6 UPMC offers integrated HRAs and HSAs for its members.

At no extra charge, UPMC integrates HRAs and HSAs for its members. When a member has an HRA or HSA, their medical expenses can be deducted automatically from those accounts.


#7 UPMC is a non-profit organization.

One advantage of UPMC is that it is not-for-profit. This organization does not have to answer to stockholders and can focus its energies on providing excellent health care to its members.


How can our business decide which group health insurance provider is best for us?

UPMC Health Plan offers a fantastic product for those it insures. But is it the best choice for your business? What criteria do you need to consider when choosing your company’s group health insurance provider?

While cost is a major consideration when purchasing group health insurance, it’s not the only consideration.  When putting group health coverage in place, here are the three crucial factors you need to keep in mind.


#1 Number of employees

The number of employees you provide insurance for will play a heavy role in which group health insurance provider you should use. Some group health insurance providers do not have affordable products for small groups – employers with under 50 employees. 

Your Employee Benefits Broker should be able to tell you quickly which group health insurance companies sell a product that works well for small groups.


#2 Location of your business and employees

For a business located in Western Pennsylvania, there is a good chance that some of your employees may live in a neighboring state like Ohio or West Virginia. And since the onset of COVID, many businesses have employees working remotely from a different state than the employer. 

Not all group health insurance products work well for employees in other states. 

If you have employees that live out of state, you may need a network that meets their needs. Your Employee Benefits Broker should be able to direct you to a company that will meet the needs of all of your employees, no matter where they live.

You also need to have a good idea of which medical facilities your employees are likely to use. Not all hospital providers are in an insurance company’s network. To keep your employees satisfied with their coverage, you will need to make sure they can use the facilities they prefer.


#3 Additional Group Insurance Products and Solutions

Another crucial decision you will need to make is adding other group insurance products to your package. Some group health insurers offer additional coverage for vision and dental. Sometimes it is advantageous to place all of your group insurance products with the same insurance company. Often this results in discounts on your insurance products.

Also, creative funding solutions like HSAs, HRAs, or self-funding for your employees can impact the group health insurance company you should choose. Some group health insurance products will integrate these solutions into your group health plan.


We’re looking for an expert to help us with our group health insurance. What does Baily Insurance offer?

Baily Insurance Agency is a comprehensive insurance agency. We offer solutions for personal, commercial, workers’ compensation, life, and group health insurance.

Our team of experts has been serving clients of all sizes in Pennsylvania for more than 140 years. We also help individuals and businesses in West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland.

Our Employee Benefits team is well-versed in the insurance companies and products available to businesses in the tri-state area. 

Beyond traditional group insurance, our team can help you explore creative solutions, including self-funding or using tax-advantaged vehicles like HSAs, FSAs, or HRAs.

And more than just an Employee Benefits Broker, we partner with our clients to create a long-term strategy to manage their benefits costs. 

If you’re looking for an invested partner to help your business establish a robust benefits program, give us a call! We’d love to work with you!


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